Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Thingers

Today's question from The Boston Bibliophile: Who are your LibraryThing authors? What books of theirs do you have? Do you ever comment on an author's LT page? Have you received any comments from an author on your LT account?

Wow, I have quite a few authors on my list! They are:

Susie Bright
David Ebershoff
J.F. Englert
Joe Hill
Emmett James
Richard Montanari
Penelope Przekop
Caroline Comfort Shields
Laren Stover

I've left comments for a couple of authors and gotten comments in response. I met Richard Montanari when he sat in at my mystery book club (he lives in my area) and I stole a tagging idea from Joe Hill and we exchanged comments about it. I always find it interesting to see what writers have in their libraries and what they are reading.


Anonymous said...

We have Joe Hill, Penelope Przekop, and C. Comfort Shields in common.

I agree that it's fascinating to see what the authors I'm reading are themselves reading. ;-)

Literary Feline said...

I need to go back and add Emmett James into my response. I don't know how I missed his name. Unfortunately, it will have to wait until tonight.

I haven't spent too much time looking at the authors' profile pages. I will have to do that!

Anonymous said...

Yeah - I have Joe Hill too! :)

Anonymous said...

I also enjoy it when the authors have a more detailed profile page and library. I like to see what they have! Some of them have 0 books, though, which always a little disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Wow you've had an author sit in at a book group? That's awesome.

Lisa said...

Bluestocking, the fellow who used to lead my Mystery Book Club is also on LibraryThing - check out BJBookman for a really impressive library. He knows dozens of authors, haunts all the book conventions, and was acquainted with Richard and invited him to drop by the book club when we read his novel, The Rosary Girls. It was great fun.

Anonymous said...

I share a few authors with you. I was disappointed in Emmett James' LT site. Boring!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, we share Emmett James. I have only 2 1/2 LT authors (1/2 because I haven't yet read *The 19th Wife*, but it's on its way to me).

I agree with Literate Housewife, why bother with an account if you don't list books ... I thought LT had some guideline for this which they recently loosened (?)

Lisa said...

I think some of them have been a little selective about what they added. J.F. Englert (A Dog Among Diplomats, which was my very first review on this blog) has only 15 books in his library. He has Dante, Dostoyevsky, Emily Dickinson, T.S. Eliot, Aldous Huxley, Joyce, Nabokov...and his own books. Likes to see himself in fine company, doesn't he? :)

Kathleen Gilligan said...

We have a couple in common. Sounds like you've talked to quite a few authors :) Good for you.